Draupner Energy is an upstream energy company. We leverage crowdsourcing and networked innovation over an internet platform to identify and deliver novel ideas, innovative project solutions, develop energy and carbon capture and storage projects, and move them to market.
Our operating model gives us access to a broader and more diverse set of experiences than our peers. We can also eliminate cognitive bias from our decision making by continuously exposing our own findings to this continuous peer review in all phases of a project cycle.


Curious industry professionals, academics and other interested parties are welcome to join our internet community where we provide a flow of intellectual challenges, exploration and development work across a variety of industry disciplines. Community members get access to our systems and data, and can come forward with ideas and solutions in exchange for cash prizes and bonuses.



Our current projects are marked on the map below. Please click the marker for more details on the project.



Draupner Energy’s mission is to contribute to global energy security, create value for our shareholders, for our community members, for the countries that we work in and for their people. To that end, we combine strong business ethics and corporate citizenship with knowledge sharing, knowledge management and innovation.


Draupner Energy was founded on the conviction that continued exploration for oil and gas is critical to energy security and to giving people in developing countries the opportunity to emerge from poverty. However, there is also a need for a more innovative approach to exploration. For the first time in history, technological development and bandwidth access allows for a less industrial, more collaborative approach to exploring for oil and natural gas.


Draupner Energy is the first upstream oil and gas company to integrate networked innovation, crowdsourcing and crowd acceleration with the aid of an internet community in its business and operating model. It helps us to accelerate work on our projects, come up with better solutions to problems, eliminate the effects of cognitive bias, and improve our decision making.