Balvenie and Durham High Impact Prospects

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Draupner Energy holds a 100 percent equity stake in each of licenses P2331 and P2487 on the UK Continental Shelf. The licensed acreage covers a portion of the southern part of the Mid North Sea High, ca. 90 km east of the Ossian-Darach oil discovery and 40 km north of the Cygnus gas field. The acreage contains the two very large multi-target Balvenie and Durham 4-way dip closures involving Upper Paleozoic strata.

The main target in both Balvenie and Durham is the Upper Permian Zechstein Hauptdolomit with a mean total potential of 500 mmbbls recoverable oil and 370 BCF associated gas, alternatively 1.9 TCF recoverable gas. Additional potential is present in the overlying Plattendolomit and underlying Lower Carboniferous, Devonian, and fractured Basement. ION Geophysical commenced acquisition of the MNSH Prime3D multiclient seismic survey in 2020 and ca. 120 km2 of P2331 has now been covered. Phase 2 acquisition is planned for 2021 covering the remaining part of P2331 as well as P2487.

Draupner Energy is seeking additional partners to jointly underwrite a subset of this 3D seismic providing full coverage of P2331 and P2487. Potential farminees and other interested parties are welcome to get in touch for more information.

P2331 and P2487 Flyer 01.2021







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On April 3, 2016

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