We wish to connect with curious people who wish to network and share news and knowledge with other proud energy workers or explore and develop oil and gas projects with us.

Anyone with an interest in energy is welcome to join our community for social networking. Individuals as well as groups are encouraged to participate in our projects and submit project proposals for our review and consideration. By creating an individual user account here (it’s free), you will get information on current projects and available awards, can register your interest for them, and get access to software and data we make available for our community members.

The deadline for submissions will be determined for each project and may be dependent on external factors, such as a deadline for applying for an exploration and/or production license in a government licensing round. Following a submission of a project proposal, we require an exclusive call option during a pre-determined period to acquire the rights to the proposals submitted. The exercise period may be as short as a few weeks, if the purpose of the call for project proposals is to mature submissions into an application for a license, but may also be for the duration of an exploration or exploitation license where we already hold the license. The terms upon which you engage with us will always be specified in the respective call for project proposals published on our website. You retain the intellectual property rights in your project proposal until we choose to exercise our call option, and can assign it to others after the expiry of our exclusivity period.

If we think that a proposed project fits our portfolio and strategy and choose to exercise our option to acquire the intellectual property rights in the project proposal, the community member that submitted the proposal may sometimes be given the opportunity to work with us in maturing the project to the next phase (e.g., in the exploration phase, to mature the initial submission into a license application or a drillable prospect). We consistently seek to optimize our own portfolio to ensure that we focus on the parts of the value chain where we can have the most impact, and may at any time decide to bring in financial or industrial partners to the project or sell it, if we consider it to be the best way of bringing the project to production.

Even though diversity of thought is one of the greatest upsides of our business model, sometimes great minds think alike. Therefore, occasionally, two or more community members may contribute proposals that are in material respects substantially the same. When this happens, and provided that each contributor has complied with the terms of engagement, the contributing community members will share any award equally.

If a project proposal does not fit our portfolio, but we think it has merit, we may agree  (on terms set forth in a separate written agreement) with the contributing community member to help mature and/or market the project proposal to a third party.


What are the formal requirements to join the community? Anyone is welcome to join the community for social networking purposes. However, we only accept project proposals from those who do not have a conflict of interest, nor are subject to another undertaking (e.g,. under a  contract of employment or consultancy with another company) that prohibits you from doing so. We also ask that you confirm your adherence to our Code of Business Ethics.

Can I submit an unsolicited proposal for a project? We welcome approaches of this kind. However, if project proposals are submitted outside of an active call for project proposals, we request that you get in touch with us first, before sending in your detailed proposal, to clarify whether we already have an identical project in our portfolio, and other commercial terms upon which we engage with each other.

How do I know that you do not use my project proposal without paying for it? Our community is an important part of our business and operating model, and we strive to create value for its members. It is as important to us as it is to you that you are being treated fairly and with respect. That being said, it may happen that we receive project proposals that are materially and substantially very similar to projects we already have in our portfolio. If this is the case, we will advise the contributor without undue delay. We will regularly commission external audits to verify that we keep our promises to you.

What are the systems requirements?  A broadband connection is highly recommended in order to be able to access, read and (if permitted) copy data files from our database. We intend to have built-in interpretation software which can be accessed and controlled remotely in our cloud solution, so mid end computer RAM and graphic card will suffice. If you want to run your own interpretation software locally on your computer we recommend to follow the software supplier recommendations for hardware specifications, e.g., for OpendTect seismic interpretation software this can be found here.

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